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The Best US History Practice Tests

The Best Free Online US History Practice Tests and Quizzes

Looking for the best US History practice tests and quizzes? We’ve got you covered with full SAT & AP tests, comprehensive quizzes and official material. APUSH students will also find practice DBQs and Essay Questions that are essential to study for a 4 or 5. One of the great things about studying US history is [...]

Best AP Study Guides

Top 10 AP US History Study Guides

Want to know what study guides will actually help you score a 5 on the APUSH? A good guide is concise, honest, easy to navigate, and provides a valuable exclusive perspective. After all, there’s no point in paying if you can get the same thing for free online. I’ve dug through almost every book on [...]

American History Timeline

US History Timeline

If you’re familiar with everything on this US history timeline then you’re probably ready for APUSH or the SAT. Read through it. Follow the links for more information if you’re unfamiliar with a topic. Knowing the people, places, events, inventions, supreme court cases and themes on this list will be especially useful for fleshing out [...]

Top 7 SAT Study Guides

Top 7 SAT US History Subject Test Study Guides

I’ve sifted through the top 7 SAT US history study guides to find what gives the highest boost to your score for the money. A lot of you haven’t taken an AP US history course. Some of you are homeschooled. Others have simply forgotten everything they learned in class. You probably just want to take [...]

Edison Phonograph

11 Awesome US History Podcasts

These are 11 of my favorite US History podcasts. Put them on your phone or computer. Fall asleep to them. Listen to them on the bus. They’re an excellent study aid. For APUSH students, hearing historians talk about history is a primer for how to construct a great DBQ. Mastering history is like mastering a [...]

American Entrepreneurs

Biographies of American Entrepreneurs Worth Reading

The history of mankind is often best understood through the eyes of individuals. Powerful men and women shape reality. They make arbitrary decisions over lunch that change the course of the world. They give patronage to radicals who enact reform. All major American movements ran on the wealth of successful entrepreneurs. Understanding societal change requires [...]


Five APUSH Review Podcasts for Your Gramophone

Reading words is so 20th century. Listening to words while living your life is obviously an upgrade of this 21st century. Thomas Jefferson would surely have thought it a tool of academical success. Here’re 5 podcasts that’ll let you blow through your APUSH prep. Pro Tip! Listen on a program that lets you speed up audio. [...]

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